Beer & Beadz – June 2018

This month’s Beer & Beadz was hosted by Susan Otto-bain in a Hawaiin theme at her studio (aka “the Tiki Hut”). Once again, a very well attended event.

When I arrived there were already several members in attendance and Susan was BBQ’ing hamburgers. Everyone brought a little something to go with the burgers so we had salads, fruit, chips and dips, and a variety of beverages. Thanks Rick for supplying the beer!

Susan has these cool propane fire pits, one of which she had thrown some of her least favorite marbles into, which had us all entertained. She tossed in a marble she hoped would restrike and give her better colors but unfortunately the marble didn’t restrike!

For demo’s both Susan and Joanne Andrighetti demonstrated blowing hollow beads, Susan using soft glass and Joanne using boro tube. While they both made it look so simple, we all know we will have to Practice, Practice, Practice

The evening ended with a bead exchange.

See you at the next Beer & Beadz.