What is a Beer N Beadz? Come join us for an evening of fun and beads. The Beer & Beadz is a social gathering of glass beadmakers held at members studios – usually the third Thursday of each month from 7 to 9:30pm. The location varies each month, so check our calendar for this month’s info. Now… we know it says BEER & Beadz but its mostly beads as most of us are driving, but members often bring a little something to share (snacks and refreshments). Visitors are always welcome.

handelSometimes members will do demo’s and share their expertise (tip or trick). We all have skills that others can learn from. It may be just that you have a slightly different way of doing things. We like to focus on techniques rather than specific design ideas. Other times we just have an open torch and anyone can sit down and make some beads. This is a non-critical group – please don’t be timid. Occasionally we will have guest demonstrators too. Sometimes members bring beads they’ve made recently for show and tell, or a new nifty tool they’ve found or anything else they would like to share with other members. We talk about technique, what’s hot and what’s not and anything noteworthy happening in the beadmaking community.

If you choose to demonstrate your signature bead (something original to you) we ask that you make the audience aware. We publish the B&B demos so please visit the Bead Report page to see the format. The spirit of these events is to share information and connect with others who share the same interests (a club). We do ask that if you see someone demonstrate their signature bead that you put the techniques in your toolbox, not in your display case.fuhr

Bead Exchange Guidelines for those new to the Pyros: bring an annealed, cleaned bead (no sharp holes) that is representative of your skill level (your best effort). Beads are randomly exchanged and you get to take home another members bead. The bead exchange is optional. Often we have themed bead exchanges which will be noted in the event description which is again optional (you can still participate even if you didn’t make a themed bead). Its a chance to show off what you’ve been up to lately and most of us like collecting other members beads (different from your own). The bead exchange is best held around 8:30 pm or 1 1/2 hours into the event that way most everyone is there and some may already be getting ready to leave.

Upcoming Events

  • Beer & Beadz – July 2017July 25, 2017 - 6:45 pm

    July’s B&B was hosted by Joanne and Dave Carter in their beautiful backyard. The attendance was good once again even though the weather looked a bit threatening. This event was a potluck social with many bringing their spouses. While there were no demos, there was lots of bead chatter and oggling of all the beautiful […]

  • Beer & Beadz – June 2017July 6, 2017 - 7:53 pm

    June’s B&B was another great get together with Tamara, Lynne & Paul hosting.  The weather was warm so the event was in their fabulous back yard.  Lot’s of yummy snacks were brought to share and pizza was ordered. Tamara demonstrated her “paisley” beads which are created using a curved mandrel and her handmade latticino cane. […]