Beer & Beadz – October 2017

October’s Beer & Beadz was hosted by Kirsten at her Ladner home studio.  The turnout was once again good and the appy’s plentiful.

There was no theme this time instead Kirsten asked people who attended the recent Ablaze event at the Terminal City Co-op, to bring their purchased and created beads with them for Show & Tell.

Kirsten also did a Show & Tell on her “recycled beads”.  These are beads made from wine bottles and other used beverage bottles.  Al demonstrated how he cuts the bottles to make usable sizes for lampworking and Kirsten demonstrated making a bead.  While we’re not sure of the COE, these beads will be annealed the same as 104 for now.

It was also an opportunity for members to pick up Bling postcards to handout for the upcoming event.  They look great!  Thanks Susan O. for your time and efforts creating these cards and the other advertising media for this event.

As always, we had a bead exchange.

Because we have our Bling event in November, we will not be having a Beer & Beadz.  Our next B & B will be our annual Christmas party hosted by Kerry Caron.


Beer & Beadz – February 2017

This month’s Beer & Beads was hosted by Susan Otto-Bain at her little oasis known as the Tikki Hut.  It was another great turnout and we ate pulled pork sliders, a variety of salads and to finish off … chocolate, raspberries and cookies!  Thanks to everyone for your yummy offerings.

The theme was “Twisties”.  Basically we were to bring a bead or beads to show and tell our work with twisties.  Most members brought a piece of the twistie used to make their bead.  After show and tell Susan did a demo on how to make a twistie.

Susan also demonstrated how she engraves dichroic glass.  Ever wonder how she gets all those intricate patterns into her dichroic glass? well now we know.  I was surprised how much of it is free hand work.  She uses a small inexpensive battery operated engraving tool she told us is sold at Lee Valley. Working on the dichroic side of the glass she engraves shapes, lines and other art work on the piece.

The night ended with our bead exchange and this time a twistie exchange as well.

Beer & Beadz – January 2017

January’s Beer & Beadz was hosted by Alexx Cheng in Thailand.

The group travelled to Thailand where they met up with Alexx and began a week long tour of the sites, sounds and culture of various parts of Thailand. Below is just a few of the pictures I was able to pull off the web.  Most of the travelers will have posted to their various Facebook pages and websites.

This is the highlights of the itinery I received from Alexx.

1. One night stay at Chantaburi province and Priew waterfall.

2. Two nights at Koh Kood island staying at A-Na-Lay resort.

3. Visit Hell Fire glass bead production plant in Chiangmai.

4. Visit local school with goodies for Thailand’s National Children’s day.

5. Massages, food, shopping.

6. Visit Sri Lana national park staying on floating lake house for one night.

More fun photos …


Christmas B&B 2014

The Pyros annual Christmas party and December Beer & Beadz was held at Kerry Caron’s home on December 19.  There were 17 attendees coming in from all directions including Vancouver Island and Chilliwack.  Sorry for the poor pictures, lighting wasn’t great!

We started the evening with the themed bead exchange.  This years theme was Caribbean Christmas so the beads had to be inspired by the beach, Christmas and warmer weather.

As usual the gift exchange was a pick and steal with any one gift being stolen a maximum of twice.  Kirsten and Rosa opened what seemed like all the gifts and kept having them stolen.

The last gift of the evening was a group gift for Kerry for her birthday.  Several beadmakers made special beads for Kerry and Naaz put all the beads together in a beautiful mahogany box she’d purchased.  The gift was very well received 🙂

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Beer & Beadz Host Needed – Updated

Good news!  Ken & Silvia McIntosh will be Novembers Beer & Beadz hosts.  For more details, see the post in the Events section.

We are looking for a host for November’s B&B. If you are interested in hosting November’s Beer & Beadz you can contact myself or any of the Pyros Executive.  Just send an email from the contact page.

As Beer & Beadz host you may choose to do or organize a short demo or just a open torch. You may want to suggest a themed bead exchange or just the bead exchange as usual. You will also need some paper, pen and something to draw names out of for the bead exchange.

Don’t worry about the state of your studio – we’ve squished into some pretty small spaces to see demos and there are often some very knowledgeable members at events who can offer, if asked, some expertise in safety and how to improve your studio set-up.

Your Beer & Beadz can be anytime in the month but they are normally held in the third week of the month.

It is a great opportunity to get feedback and meet new people (who also love glass!).