Beer & Beadz – January 2016

January’s B&B was hosted by Joanne Andrighetti of Andrighetti Glass and held at the Terminal City Glass Co-op.  It was a full house with 2 glass blowing stations in full use and a staff meeting being held at the other end of the building.

Once again we had a great turn-out by the Pyros membership.  I wish I could’ve gotten pictures of everyone there or a group photo but time and battery life got away from me.  Thank you Diane for your bead photos!

The theme was “round” and we were challenged to bring “round” beads.  We started the evening with a game called “Exquisite Cadaver”.  (here’s a link to the wiki that explains the idea behind this theme  Each participant starts a bead and that bead gets passed around to the next participant to add to it and then pass it to the next participant.  The beads continue to make the rounds (LOL) around the table until each participant has added to each bead once.  This challenge sounded pretty easy until we were told we only had 60 seconds each time.  Round became a real challenge (LOL).  That said, the beads turned out really nice.

A good time was had by all.

Beer & Beadz – January 2015 UPDATED


What a great time we all had at Joanne’s beer & beads!  Earlier in the day the weather was just awful and is what I think held some people back from coming out but we still had a good turnout.

Joanne demonstrated coldworking of glass beads using various equipment.  Her demonstrations included using a flat lap to grind the glass flat as well as how to make your own grinding area using a piece of window glass, sanding grit and water. She then moved on to the sanding belt which is used for smoothing and polishing the glass.

Sandblasting was also demonstrated.

Other methods of cold working your glass beads would be to carve them.  I made a large bead with a number of layers of different colored glass which was in the annealer when I left.  The plan is to carve it so the various layers show through in certain areas.  That picture will follow as soon as the carving gets done.

Don’t miss the next Beer & Beads which will be held at Debbie’s studio.  Stay tuned for details.

Mark your calendars for January’s beer & beads …

January’s beer & beads will be hosted by Joanne Andrighetti of Andrighetti Glassworks.  Things start at 6:30 so don’t be late!  The theme is …

Coldworking your Beads.

Joanne will demonstrate how to alter your cold beads with faceting and cutting using the lap wheel and belt sander at the co-op. There are commercially available smaller versions of the equipment suitable for home studios and of course, the equipment is accessible to co-op members after a brief orientation.

Remember to bring some goodies to share.

Cya there!

Date: January 23, 2015

Terminal City Glass Co-op
1191 Parker St. (1 block west of Clark Dr. and 1 block south of Venables)
Vancouver, BC
Joanne’s phone: (604) 731-8652