Beer & Beadz – February 2016

February’s Beer & Beadz was hosted by Melanie Graham and there was a good turn out regardless of the nasty conditions outside.

Melanie gave us a tour of your studio and glass storage.  Wow is Melanie ever organized.  As mentioned in the previous newsletter, Melanie is now also selling frit and we got the opportunity to see “the stock”.

One of the things Melanie was very proud to show off was her new ventilation system built by Kirsten’s husband Al.  It is quiet, inexpensive and efficient.  She demo’d some new CIM colors she’s testing and discussed how she stays on task day after day now that she is making beads full time.

The evening ended with a bead exchange.  The theme was “love”, so we were challenged to bring beads that we associated with “love”.  There were plenty of hearts but there were also several “lovely” beads.

Beer & Beads – February 2015 – UPDATED!

Wow! what fun!  February’s Beer & Beads was a blast!  There were nine of us in attendance.

The theme was RED and everyone brought their “red inspired” beads.

Check out this stash of red beads .. this is what Helen brought!  She was so inspired by the challenge and made red beads until she used ALL of her red glass stash.

Melanie showed off her red toned fused work.

The bead exchange was great!  Everyone submitted their challenge beads and we all oooh’d and aaah’d at the variety of techniques used.

I demonstrated my red dotted bead and how I deal with heat control on my Bethlehem Bravo.  Kimberly had a chance to try out my torch and I think I may have converted another beadmaker to the Bethlehem torch family.

Thanks all for attending!  Don’t forget the AGM is on March 20 at Sunlight Art Glass.

cya there.


If you missed January’s B&B the next one will be held in my studio on February 25 at 7pm. That’s a Wednesday. You can arrive any time after 6:30 pm.

check your email for the monthly newsletter, it contains my address.  If you didn’t get the newsletter email me for my address.

red inspiration 1
The theme is RED. Bring your beads inspired by the color RED. They can be any shape, size or profile. Bring a picture or sample of your inspiration

Here’s a couple of inspirations I found while Googling and searching Pinterest!

red inspiration 2
Bring your trade beads (they can be the RED beads you bring) and a snack to share. I’ll supply the coffee, tea and some yummy snack!

I’m open to suggestions on what to demo so feel free to share your ideas! Don’t forget your diddy’s like I always do! 🙂

Cya then