Pacific Pyros Members, come join the Challenge!

Starting after our March 2021, participants create and donate a total of 1000 Act of Courage Beads to Beads of Courage Canada.

You do NOT have to wait till you’ve created 1000 beads to send them in.  You can create and ship them as you wish.  Beads of Courage will send you a digital receipt for each donation with the number of beads listed.  When you get your bead count receipt, forward that on to Roxanne Hood, Pacific Pyros – Beads of Courage Organizer at [email protected].

Once you have sent in receipts totalling 1000 beads you will get a handmade glass medallion created by the talented Melanie Rowe for completing the challenge.  The deadline is March 2022 – our next AGM.  Have fun and work at your own pace.   The need for beads is always there.  Please follow the special requirements below.

Special Requirements: Act of Courage Beads

  • Beads should be no smaller than 2 cm (picture at top for reference)
  • 3/32″ mandrel is preferred but other sizes are also usable.
  • nice ‘puckers’ on the ends of the beads
  • no overly frilly bits sticking out (may break off and leave sharp edges)
  • raised dots have solid connections (no undercuts)
  • refrain from using reduction frit or glasses that give a metallic sheen on the surface. Due to heavy metal issues with these materials metallic reduction surface beads can not be sent to the kids.
  •  Anneal your beads properly in a kiln to ensure they don’t crack.
  • ensure all bead release is cleaned out.

When you send your beads please fill out the Bead Donation Form, it helps to expedite sending you a receipt and certificate for your donation. The form can be found at

Please do not send or directly deliver your artist’s goods to member hospitals. All beads must be inspected, logged and packaged at Beads of Courage – Canada headquarters (address is found on the donation form).

Beads of Courage – Canada would like any participants to know that kids love character beads and bright colours.