Beer & Beadz – April 2014

Ania’s son Alex made a great sign to welcome everyone at the door. The following people attended: Carol, Helen, Melanie, Silvia, Ken, Lynne and Tamara. It was a great potluck dinner with quiche, salmon, spinach salad, cheeses & meats, followed by some studio time.

We discussed colour matching techniques from two different perspectives:

1. Matching colours of glass that we’ve used in the past with new beads that we want to make. Melanie has a great system for this: she makes a sample, and puts it into a Ziploc baggie with a post it note, describing the glass she used. Melanie gifted these little samples to Ania for hosting – these were a great future inspiration for getting more organized with writing down our own specific bead formulas.

2. Matching colours of glass to current fashion:
Ania uses outfits from “The Style Basket” daily postings on FB as inspiration and matches up glass rods with the outfit colours, then makes her turtles in those shades. Carol has also tried this, making beads for an outfit she purchased to wear herself. It’s also useful to look up the upcoming Pantone season colours to make beads that match the current fashion colour trends. Helen brought three beautiful rods of the rare Lauscha Teal, and gifted to Ania for giving her a start into the world of lampworking.

Ken, Tamara, and Melanie took turns on the torch: Ken showed off his new calla lily technique, and Mel and Tamara worked on off-mandrel leaves. We had a great bead exchange with mainly hearts, flowers, and of course, a turtle.

Overall a fantastic, fun night filled with tons of laughter, food, and conversation with lovely company. Thanks to everyone who made it out to Mission 🙂