Beer & Beadz – December 2017

Each year Kerry hosts the annual Christmas party and B&B.  Everyone brings an appetizer to share, a beverage to drink, and a gift to exchange.  The gift exchange is a pick & steal style where a person picks a gift and either opens it or uses it to steal someone else’s gift.  The only rule is that a gift can only be stolen 2 times so there is a strategy to this game.

In keeping with our Beer & Beadz tradition there was also a theme for this event.  Kerry challenged us to show our scroll work beads.  This was a huge challenge.  Not many of us were able to show “scroll work”.  I personally only had one bead in my stash to show.

We also celebrated Ikuyo’s milestone birthday.

It was a great evening and a good time was had by all.

Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy New Year.  2018 is going to be awesome!




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