Beer & Beadz – February 2018

February’s Beer & Beadz was hosted by Ken & Silvia.

Ken & Silvia have the the studio we’d all love to have, loads of tools for any and all projects.

Ken demonstrated coldworking where he faceted a sparkly dichroic glass bead he’d made. He went through all the steps of using the faceting machine he works with and then went on to show how he ensures that all facets are the same and balanced. There is a bit of math involved but otherwise the machine does all the hard work.

Ken also demonstrated sandblasting and drilling glass. He made it all look so easy. I think there will be a few of us setting up our own sandblasting booth!

The snacks were fabulous .. lots of yummy dips, crunchies, cakes and cookies, and Silvia put together a fabulous chilli (of which I now have the recipe!!! yay!).

The event ended with our bead exchange but unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of all the beautiful beads before our trade.  Just know they were all fabulous!