Beer & Beadz – January 2017

January’s Beer & Beadz was hosted by Alexx Cheng in Thailand.

The group travelled to Thailand where they met up with Alexx and began a week long tour of the sites, sounds and culture of various parts of Thailand. Below is just a few of the pictures I was able to pull off the web.  Most of the travelers will have posted to their various Facebook pages and websites.

This is the highlights of the itinery I received from Alexx.

1. One night stay at Chantaburi province and Priew waterfall.

2. Two nights at Koh Kood island staying at A-Na-Lay resort.

3. Visit Hell Fire glass bead production plant in Chiangmai.

4. Visit local school with goodies for Thailand’s National Children’s day.

5. Massages, food, shopping.

6. Visit Sri Lana national park staying on floating lake house for one night.

More fun photos …


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