Christmas B&B 2014

The Pyros annual Christmas party and December Beer & Beadz was held at Kerry Caron’s home on December 19.  There were 17 attendees coming in from all directions including Vancouver Island and Chilliwack.  Sorry for the poor pictures, lighting wasn’t great!

We started the evening with the themed bead exchange.  This years theme was Caribbean Christmas so the beads had to be inspired by the beach, Christmas and warmer weather.

As usual the gift exchange was a pick and steal with any one gift being stolen a maximum of twice.  Kirsten and Rosa opened what seemed like all the gifts and kept having them stolen.

The last gift of the evening was a group gift for Kerry for her birthday.  Several beadmakers made special beads for Kerry and Naaz put all the beads together in a beautiful mahogany box she’d purchased.  The gift was very well received 🙂

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!