Ignite the Passion

On October 17, 2013, the Arts Centre in Port Moody opened their newest exhibit of mixed media and glass.  It was designed to “invite  the viewer to step into the artists’ world, on a journey through the emotions inspired by mixed media and glass.”

Art glass beads and sculpture by Leslie Rowe-Israelson and Melanie Rowe are featured in the 3D Gallery.  As I walked through the exhibit I couldn’t help be awed by the absolute creativity not only from Leslie and Melanie but from the other featured artist Patti Munro who’s mixed media paintings and installations are amazing.

The glass display has been creatively combined and laid out to provide full impact of the art.  Melanie’s masks decorate the walls.   The sculptures, some that spent 30 days in a kiln, are incredible and Leslie’s large plates of kiln formed, carved glass will take your breath away.

Many of the displays are a combination of the sisters’ work and each compliments the other perfectly.

The exhibit is on until November 7, 2013.  If you haven’t been yet you really should go.  The pictures I’ve posted here don’t do their work justice.