Online Learning in 2020

With Covid keeping us all in either lockdown or restricted from travelling and congregating, it was apt to become a tough year for those who wanted to continue their education in flame work and those who made their living teaching.

Thank goodness for online learning.  Zoom, Facebook live, and You-Tube events have become the norm for holding classes and teaching those fabulous techniques that used to be available only at in-person events.

Beginners and experienced flame workers alike could work with teachers from all over the world, a privilege they once only dreamed of due to distance, price, and availability.

Below is a recap of Carol’s experience with online learning.

I took JC Harrell’s class and learned a LOT about heat control. Thanks to Ada for singing the praises of that class. I made these:

The Portland Polymer Clay Guild is having a button exchange. I said I’d love to join if I could do my buttons in glass. They said SURE! so I had to learn how to make buttons! (I’ve been a member for years because the group is so inspiring and fun, but haven’t played with my clay for several years now.) I’m working out how to make buttons with glass shanks, plus what glass looks good. I’ve been trying dichro, murinni, DH, and frit on a Maria of super clear, then usually adding a shank of intense black or white.  My punty skills are improving. The buttons will probably continue to be somewhat reform. The DH turns out pretty dark so far. My goal is 20 pairs.  Anyone have ideas or advice?