The Blacksmith Jeweller

Ken McIntosh

The Blacksmith Jeweller

Mixed Media Artist

Instagram: theblacksmithjeweller

Ken’s early education contained both the Arts and the Sciences, while his post secondary studies focused on Metallurgy. He was able to find a satisfying career in the Steel Industry, always referring to himself as an industrial artist.

His excellent hand skills and attention to detail have allowed him to enjoy jewellery design and construction in metal and stone as a leisure pastime for over 30 years.

Six or seven years ago the world of glass came to his attention. Knowing the better you understand the material the more creative you can be with it, Ken began educating himself in the properties of glass. Along the way he has met a wonderful group of people on similar journeys all willing to share their knowledge and ideas. He often experiences artistic growth from happy accidents and is not afraid to explore new ideas and possibilities.

Ken loves the creative process and enjoys sharing this with others.