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Online Classes 2020

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Beer & Beadz – January 2020

January beer and beads was held on the 28th, at Barb Fukusaka's…

Beer & Beadz – May 2019

This months B&B was themed "Pressed Beads". We were challenged…

Beer & Beadz – April 2019

April's Beer & Beadz was hosted by Susan Otto-bain at the…

Bling! November 2018

Here's a few pictures taken at the event.  More will be…

Beer & Beadz – February 2018

February's Beer & Beadz was hosted by Ken & Silvia. Ken…

Tag Archive for: lampwork

Tammy Mercier BeadsTammy Mercier

Tammy Mercier

Shelley MercerShelley Mercer