Beer & Beadz – January 2020

January beer and beads was held on the 28th, at Barb Fukusaka’s place. The theme was “where are we now?’  People brought the first beads they ever made and then some examples  of what they are currently working on.

One of our members who came all the way from Nanaimo, brought us the snowmen beads she makes every year. It was great fun to see. We welcomed new member Lee Buhr. She started lamp working in September and is making great progress!

Barb demonstrated how to make boro chain.  We all crowded around mostly to stay warm as her studio is in her garage.

We filled our bellies with lots of food and good stories.

Check out the winter issue of The Flow magazine where Ada Bording has a bead in it and Susan Otto-Bain  has a tutorial.

Congrats ladies!

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