Five artists embark on a journey to share their inspiring art in a joint show depicting the beauty of the West Coast.  This included our very own Rowe Twins, Melanie and Leslie.

The Artist Party was on Saturday, September 10th and our Pyros did not disappoint.  11 of our members travelled over to Bowen Island to support Mel and Les.  The other artists included in the show were their younger sister, Megan Parks and good friends, Kae Sarich and Andy Chamberlayne.

Below are picture (taken from contributors on Facebook) of the fabulous work these people displayed.

Mark your calendars, confirm your mode of travel

From September 7 – 26, 2022, the Hearth Gallery at Bowen Island will be featuring the work of 5 amazing artists, Leslie Row-Israelson, Melanie Rowe, Megan Parks, Kae Sarich, and Andy Chamberlayne, in their gallery.

The Artist party will be held on Saturday, September 10 from 6 – 8pm where you will get to meet the artists in person.