Beer & Beadz – June 2022

Susan Otto-bain was our host for June’s B&B. What went from an in-person event at the Tiki Hut was changed to an online event live from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and her beautiful new studio.

The attendance was great. Overall we had 16 members in attendance. Perhaps a Saturday afternoon meeting is preferred?

Susan gave us a tour of her new studio which is still under construction but will be ready for her opening in July. With all the bright, bold colours, it’s no wonder Susan loves it in Nova Scotia.

There are 2 recordings for this Beer & Beadz, one of Susan’s studio tour and her Lunenburg presentation and the other of Trudy’s presentation of Vitrograph.

Both of these recordings are available to view here.

After the tour, the conversation went to the ISGB classes and presentations done by Melanie, Leslie, Ikuyo, and Cindy.

Trudy put together a great presentation on Vitrograph and Mel & Leslie offered all kinds of valuable tips, tricks and tried & tested techniques.   It was a bonus to just listen to the masters provide insights and their knowledge on this topic.

Once again this bit was recorded and you can see the recording here.

Vitrograph firing schedules for 96 glass here.