Interview with Susan Otto-Bain –

Each artist comes to the table with new and innovative techniques and styles! It is in this blog that the featured artist can share whatever is in the heart and dreams.

We are excited to feature Susan Otto-Bain for our first artist.

Q:  How long have you worked in glass (or have your graduated from another medium and fallen in love with glass)

A:  I have been working in glass for about 14 years. In our 20’s, Rick and were self-employed airbrush artist, designing and producing a line of hand painted children’s wear (Rick) ladies cruise wear (me). My background was in graphic design and I grew up with 2 parents who are artists. Rick got dragged along for the ride!

Q:  Inspiration What or who inspires you
A:  Colour inspires me. Bright, vibrant colours draw me in and make me itch to create with them.

Q:  Visual Voice: Express why you create your designs
A:  Hmmmm…. I guess just because it makes me happy to be creating. I get visions in my head and burning desire to create them. Having any type of creative project on the go energizes me.

Q:  Upcoming shows or sales if you want to share
A:  If shows are able to go ahead this year, I will be doing the Lunenburg Craft and Food Festival in July and Bling in November.

Q:  What is in your artistic future
A:  That one is easy! I am working on setting up a new studio in our house in Lunenburg, NS. It will be a working studio where passer’s by can watch me at the flame and shop in a small gallery area.

Q:  What are your goals moving forward.
A:  After being self-employed starving artists through our 20’s, I have always taken the approach that my glass is just for fun, I didn’t make much of an effort to sell it. Now the pressure will be on, and I will have to change that approach. My goals are to create a presence in Lunenburg and Nova Scotia in general, and (yikes) probably move to some sort of online selling to help support my new adventures. I also plan to have 3 torch stations so that I can teach on a small scale.

I will be keeping my home base on the West Coast too, especially in the Winter months. I will look forward to joining the Pyros in person as much as I can because my heart with you all!

  • interview by Leslie Israelson