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How long have you worked in glass (or have you graduated from another medium and fallen in love with glass)?

I started my journey in glass (lampworking) in 2008 when I took a 3 hour lesson with a local artist. At the end of the lesson she literally had to ask me to leave. I was so excited about everything I’d learned to that point that I wanted to take another lesson right there and then. She told me to go home and practice before spending any more money on lessons and then come back.

Inspiration:  What or who inspires you?

There are so many things and people that inspire me, where to start!
I am inspired primarily by patterns and intricate designs. Once I was comfortable making round beads I immediately moved on to the decoration part. Since heat control was still somewhat of an issue, I started putting dots on my work and just to be different I would twist the dots. While not entirely unique, it was my thing at the time.

Once I realized my limitations, I started working through tutorials and when able, taking lessons with the masters. Some of the people who truly inspired me were Holly Cooper, Amy Waldman, JC Herrel, and Kristina Logan.

Debbie Armstrong

Visual Voice: Express why you create your designs

When I began making beads, I was so excited about the whole process that I used to spend a lot of time at the torch. I would literally come home from work and spend 3 or 4 hours at my torch, learning how glass moved and what I could do with it. Intricate patterns and designs appealed to me so I began taking lessons with some of the masters in the styles I loved.

Like most new glass bead makers, you take a lesson with a master and go home and repeat it in your own beads until you’ve mastered the skill. I was no different until someone told me my beads were good and all I needed to do now was find “my voice”. I’m still on that search and one day will find my own style, most likely when I can spend more time at my torch but until then I am happy with the beads I create and I love to wear them and show them off.

What is in your artistic future?

I would love to go back and practice a lesson in sculpture. One of my favourite classes was a weekend course with Wesley Fleming on sculpture. While I was only mildly successful with the project pieces we worked on, I know how it felt to hold hot glass in my hand and create from it.

What are your goals moving forward?

I would like to focus on making what started out as a hobby into a full time business.

Upcoming shows or sales if you want to share

Hopefully in the new year.  Otherwise Covid pretty much cancelled all the shows I usually do.  Instead, I took advantage of the extra free time to focus on my online presence. I hired a designer to help me with my brand identity and took lessons with business and marketing professionals who have helped me immensely.  I’ve been working on the implementation of what I’ve learned since then.