Beer & Beadz – May 2019

This months B&B was themed “Pressed Beads”. We were challenged to show & tell and trade our pressed beads. This theme was demonstrated by Melanie and Trudy with the completion of Trudy’s newly manufactured molds.

Trudy recently took lessons with Melanie on how to make molds from Mold Mix 6 and today was the final step called “Burn Out”. She and Melanie took turns dancing around the rack holding the molds with a propane torch. The burn out process melts the wax used to create the design inside the molds.

This was probably the biggest attendance we’ve ever had. There were 26 members and spouses in attendance which included several out of town members. Thanks for coming Pat, Andrea, Donna and Carol.

Luckily after days of constant rain we were presented with a beautiful, dry and sunny day. We had a BBQ of hamburgers and several awesome salads and desserts.

The day ended with our monthly bead exchange