Beer & Beadz – August 2019

August B&B was held on a beautiful sunny day at Elisabeth’s studio. She showed off her wonderful travelling Bead Station which when not in use is closed up and doubles as a Backyard Bar.

Wendy came over from the Rock and showed us some amazing demonstrations on hollow beads.  She made it look so easy and everyone went away with some new knowledge to help with our hollows. 

Tip #1:  Wendy purchases hollow Stainless Steel Rods from a welding supply.  She then cuts them to length and drills a hole in them.  When she dips them in the bead release, it seals up one end.  No more buying expensive Hollow Mandrels.

Tip #2:  Wendy uses Dollar store tongs with Griffin Replacement Sleeves from Mountain Glass to cover them.  She uses these to remove the hollow beads from the mandrel.

The bead exchange was amazing as always. The theme was “wine & cheese” – note the cool wine glass bead Trudy made.