Beer & Beadz – June 2019

Aimee was our host for the June B&B. Aimee is the owner of Glasssipper glass straws. With the new legislation coming in 2021 to ban single-use plastics which will include plastic straws, I’m sure she will be even busier than she already is. To get your glass straws go to

This event was attended by 8 members on a beautiful warm evening. We sat out on the deck and munched happily on all the yummy snacks and sweets.

The theme was “hacks” .. what have you created or do you use to make something simpler. This was not limited to beadmaking, it could be anything.

Hacks included new member Mary’s plastic shower cap hack where she will use these to cover bowls instead of plastic wrap. Definitely an inexpensive hack if you keep them from your hotel stays otherwise they cost pennies at the dollar store.

Welcome Mary!

Ken followed with his tool hack. He has taken an inexpensive pair of needle nose pliers, heated up the ends and bent them so both ends meet. This tool is used to put holes in his glass.

Another of his hacks was to modify a pair of hemostats so they hold a wire he can build a glass bead on.

After our hack discussions we went to Aimee’s studio and watched her demo of the Bearfoot Mandrel Spinner. This tool is the best for quickly making several spacer bead on a mandrel. It is also great for making tube beads or long beads.

The real highlight for some of us was Aimee’s new ergonomic chair at her work station. She told us of her back problem earlier on and how this chair really helps her keep her posture while working at the torch. Needless to say several of us had to try it out .. WANT!