Beer & Beadz – December 2019

This Beer & Beadz, also the Pyro’s annual Christmas party was hosted by Kirsten & Al. There were 20 people in attendance, some coming from as far away as Vancouver Island.

The theme is “On a Cold Winters Night” and Kirsten & Al served two hearty soups and bread. Attendees brought a combination of meats, cheeses and desserts and we all ate very well.

The gift exchange was the pick & steal format we’ve all come to enjoy. One person picks a gift and opens it, the next person can either pick a new gift or steal the open gift. This goes on until all the gifts have been picked. The main rule is that once a gift has been stolen twice it can no longer be stolen so there is a strategy 🙂 Maria opened alot of great gifts, I think she opened 4 or 5 before she finally got to keep one. A stuffed moose was one of the gifts that was stolen alot.

We closed out the night with our monthly bead exchange. The challenge of the exchange was to bring beads with our interpretation of the “Cold Winters Night” theme.

Well done all! Merry Christmas to all and we will see you in 2020.