Beer & Beadz – August 2018

August’s Beer & Beadz was hosted by Joanne & Dave Carter.

I was away on vacation so Trudy stepped up and took pictures and provided a recap of the event. In her words …

We ate, drank, laughed and some played giant Jenga.  Dave and Joanne were (as always) gracious hosts and Dave had a chance to show off his beautiful cars and take the guests for a spin.  Dave was also the champ of Giant Puzzle game Jenga.  I think he had an unfair advantage as he was knocking those blocks out of there like he knew what he was doing.

Joanne’s studio and shop was beautiful and although there were no demos, there was an abundance of sharing of information and techniques.  Mysteries of using a Zooziis presses were explored and the use of colored Boro glass.

Everyone kept with the theme of “Red” in their trade beads.  Fun was had by all.