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Beads of Courage Hall of Fame

Roxanne represents in the Beads of Courage Hall of Fame On February 8th at the Beads of Courage HQ in Tucson, Arizona. 16 people were inducted into the Beads of Courage Hall of Fame. Roxanne is still in shock and says she is truly honoured that she was one of the 3 Canadian inductees. I […]

Beer & Beadz – January 2020

January beer and beads was held on the 28th, at Barb Fukusaka’s place. The theme was “where are we now?’  People brought the first beads they ever made and then some examples  of what they are currently working on. One of our members who came all the way from Nanaimo, brought us the snowmen beads […]

Beer & Beadz – December 2019

This Beer & Beadz, also the Pyro’s annual Christmas party was hosted by Kirsten & Al. There were 20 people in attendance, some coming from as far away as Vancouver Island. The theme is “On a Cold Winters Night” and Kirsten & Al served two hearty soups and bread. Attendees brought a combination of meats, […]

Beer & Beadz – October 2019

beer & beadz – october 2019 This Beer & Beadz was a Beads of Courage event. Thanks to TCGC for the use of your torches, kiln and workspace. Several members attended and our donation was 100 beads! Way to go! We were treated to a visit from a previous bead recipient. Little Sophie and her […]

Beer & Beadz – September 2019

Septembers Beer & Beads was hosted by Trudy & Alicia at Trudy’s home studio. A dozen of us started arriving around 2pm, treats in hand, and were treated to a burger & corn on the cob barbecue by our hosts. We discussed techniques and current events. The theme was swirls so Trudy demonstrated her swirly […]

Beer & Beadz – August 2019

August B&B was held on a beautiful sunny day at Elisabeth’s studio. She showed off her wonderful travelling Bead Station which when not in use is closed up and doubles as a Backyard Bar. Wendy came over from the Rock and showed us some amazing demonstrations on hollow beads.  She made it look so easy […]

Beer & Beadz – July 2019

Joanne & Dave were the hosts for July’s B&B. Thanks to Theresa for the pictures and commentary. Lots of fun, delicious food, exchange of information and wonderful beads to exchange for the ‘Bright Orange and Lime’ bead challenge!! 

Beer & Beadz – June 2019

Aimee was our host for the June B&B. Aimee is the owner of Glasssipper glass straws. With the new legislation coming in 2021 to ban single-use plastics which will include plastic straws, I’m sure she will be even busier than she already is. To get your glass straws go to https://www.glasssipper.ca/ This event was attended […]

Beer & Beadz – May 2019

This months B&B was themed “Pressed Beads”. We were challenged to show & tell and trade our pressed beads. This theme was demonstrated by Melanie and Trudy with the completion of Trudy’s newly manufactured molds. Trudy recently took lessons with Melanie on how to make molds from Mold Mix 6 and today was the final […]

Beer & Beadz – April 2019

April’s Beer & Beadz was hosted by Susan Otto-bain at the infamous Tiki-hut. The theme for this event was “Viva Las Vegas”! Several Pyros had just come back from the annual ISGB Gathering & Glass Craft Bead Expo in Las Vegas. Susan displayed her purchased beads and those she received in the bead swap. Absolutely […]